Our Team

Michael Quoc

Founder & CEO

Michael founded Demand.io (previously known as ZipfWorks) in 2009, intending to apply the iterative product design and development processes he developed as head of Yahoo's media lab to create innovative new services in the e-commerce space. Since then, the company has designed, developed, launched and successfully scaled two social shopping properties reaching roughly 7 million monthly shoppers and driving over a third of a billion dollars in annual transaction volume. Prior to founding Demand.io, Michael served as the Director of Advanced Products at Yahoo where he conceived, designed, launched, and scaled two home-grown social media properties for Yahoo. Michael also served in product management and business roles in various startups in the Silicon Valley prior to moving to Southern California to incubate and scale Demand.io. Michael graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Brian Stanback

Principal Engineer

Brian heads up engineering and technology for Demand.io and is a Senior Partner in the firm. Brian is responsible for all aspects of engineering, architecture design, development operations, and information technology at the company. Previously, Brian served as Head of Engineering for Mosaic Sustainability, Senior Engineer at Bracket Labs, Senior Software Engineer at Renewable Choice Energy, Software Engineer at Collabpad, and Director of Technical Communications for Flare Networks. Brian graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Jimmy Doheny

Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

Jimmy heads up revenue and business operations for Demand.io and is a Partner in the firm. He manages our affiliate partnerships, our content operations, and assists in shaping our business strategy. Previously, Jimmy was a Business Development Manager at Connexity and a Business Development Associate for PriceGrabber. Jimmy graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with dual degrees in Economics and Creative Writing.

Lauren Nelson

Marketing Coordinator

Lauren handles a range of marketing, business development and product management responsibilities for Influencer.Codes and is a Junior Partner in the firm. Lauren previously worked as an Analyst for Arctos Ventures and served as Donor & Alumni Relations Director for the Penn State Dance Marathon. Lauren graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Nick Chin

Community & Operations Manager

Nick handles a range of community management and operations responsibilities across Demand.io's network of sites. Nick was previously Community Manager for Valevo, Social Media Coordinator for Tegna Media and Social Media Manager for Brand Engine Media. Previously, Nick was a Director at Pappas Telecasting and Gray Communications. Nick graduated from American University with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism.