About Demand.io

At Demand.io, our mission is to help e-commerce brands scale by creating innovative technologies, platforms, and user experiences that drive consumer interest and transactions. Each year, we drive over 5 million e-commerce sales and a third of a billion dollars in transaction volume to our network of 15,000 partners.

To achieve this, we look at trends in e-commerce, device technology and artificial intelligence and make predictions on how consumer behavior in online shopping will change over the next five to ten years. This helps us anticipate challenges and problems digital brands will face in connecting with customers and growing sales. We then conceptualize, design, and engineer technology-driven solutions to these problems. We're agnostic about the types of platforms we build, whether advertising platforms, social networking hubs, or shopping utilities – we build whatever platforms are necessary for shoppers, brands, and influencers to survive and thrive in the rapidly evolving world of digital commerce.

For example, back in 2014, we recognized the shift away from traditional forms of online advertising towards more influencer-driven collaborative marketing. So in 2015 we launched one of the industry's early influencer marketing platforms as a part of Dealspotr (the "Dealspotr Marketplace"). Since then, Dealspotr has become one of the leading influencer marketing platforms, with over 7,000 influencers and 5,000 e-commerce sellers. We're now adapting this platform to what we see as the next trend in influencer marketing, the move away from short-term, content-driven engagements towards long-term brand ambassador relationships driven by performance based compensation. Influencer.Codes is our answer to this trend, and we're excited to be launching this platform in early 2020.

More recently we observed declining consumer trust in online reviews (on blogs and sites like Amazon), and an overall lack of a compelling shopping reviews platform online. So we created Knoji to be the internet's unbiased & open social reviews platform where shoppers, enthusiasts, and experts alike can share reviews on anything they buy. With nearly 5 million monthly visitors and growing, Knoji is fast becoming the defacto place to find and share reviews.

Our goal is to continue to refine and grow our existing platforms, while continuously identifying new opportunities – prototyping, testing, and assessing new products, platforms, and technologies as we monitor trends and expand our footprint in e-commerce.

Our team and culture

Our founder previously ran Yahoo's media lab, a small group of researchers, designers and engineers tasked with driving innovation within the company. After successfully launching two major products for the internet giant, he started Demand.io to apply the same principles of agility, rapid prototyping, and innovation to the dynamic world of e-commerce.

Our philosophy is that we can achieve greater results with a small team of skilled operators, who share a common vision and aligned incentives. We hire selectively, and put new team members through a rigorous evaluation phase, so we can identify the truly talented, most motivated, most creative individuals to accrue as partners who will work with us over the long-haul. Partners receive outsize compensation for achievement at Demand.io such that long-term financial stability and security can be achieved working here.

Our goals & values

Our goals

  • To build forward-thinking, intuitive, and value-generating digital spaces that drive e-commerce
  • To involve our constituents as extended members of our team
  • To enrich the lives of our users
  • To enable consumers to find and acquire the products they'll love
  • To empower small businesses and influencers to succeed in a rapidly changing digital economy

Our values


Innovate : make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

Our business model is founded on the assumption of accelerating change. As technology changes the way we communicate, connect, research, and make decisions, Demand.io has an opportunity to create products that enable and extend these new behaviors. Through ideation, experimentation, and iteration, we're able to craft new digital platforms and experiences that help people shop smarter.


Empowerment : the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

We help small, upstart new e-commerce business ramp up to reach their next level of growth and development. We partner with small micro-influencers, giving them tools and resources they can use to propel themselves to the next phase of growth. We help consumers make smarter buying decisions and get maximum value out of their purchases. We believe that our success is rooted in our ability to empower our users to succeed.

Continuous growth

Growth : development from a simpler to a more complex stage.

Growth in knowledge, growth in relationships, growth in resources — growth is fundamental to everything we do as humans. We seek to grow as a company and as a team by providing platforms and resources that assist our users, partners, and community members in their own growth and development efforts.